Roaring into August- A busy month ahead for this Sarasota based photographer!

As the page is turned on my calendar this month, I am greeted by a ton of things to finally wrap up and get prepared for a busy fall schedule. SO MUCH GOING ON!!!! 

Among the fun side of the list is kicking off the travel seasons for my kids' sports. Jacob's Peewee hockey season gets rolling and Alyssa will be competing as a level 3 gymnast (both beginning this month). I am looking forward to seeing them each progress in their respective sports. BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! (a.k.a. Quiet, and more productive time in the office and behind the camera. LOL) and my birthday is this month. 

Onto the business side of things:  I am always looking to provide top notch image and product quality. As new technology is released and the photographic world evolves, so must I. With that being said, I am in the process of testing some exciting new gear and have also partnered with two new high end print labs. I am always looking to set up some fun shoots in order to test this new system. If you are interested in being a test subject for some of these shoots, let me know through the link: LETS HAVE SOME FUN. These shoots are based on availability of time and concept/style. I am also working on website updates as well as an entirely new/separate site for events and day to day fun. I will keep you posted as this side project evolves. I will also be implementing new, and much improved ways to preview and order online for both of my sites. 

I am very excited about these new updates and am really looking forward to the progression of Clausing Photography.