Like looking into a mirror...25 years into the past

My son was in need of some headsets to upload to his hockey team roster and as I was going through the results, I was blown away by one image in particular. Now this is not my favorite from the shoot, but there was something there. It was something that as a parent, made me just stop and stare. In the photo below, I could see myself. Now I never played hockey so it wasn't the gear being on him. It was in his eyes. The expression of his face. It was as though I was looking into a mirror 25 years into the past. When there is an image that strikes you that deep emotionally, it is an extraordinary feeling. Before this frame was frozen in time, we must have shot 40 others that to most viewers would be redundant and quite repetitive. Then, when this one came up on screen I was in awe. I strive to get a reaction from clients in my photography and I have had people tell me about having those feelings, but I had never experienced it on this level before. I know that most eyes that fall upon this image will not have any reaction to it, that is what makes any kind of art so personal. Now my favorite from the shoot photographically is the above image, and I am going to have a large metal print made of it. For me personally the image below just evokes an emotional response in myself that I can not describe.

Now that I have a true understanding of why parents, or grandparents, have shed a tear while looking at an image, it feeds the passion that I have to consistently provide my clients with imagery that sparks this feeling. I have been in the process of getting set up with a couple of new labs and will be offering LARGE custom wall art such as BIG mounted ready to hang photo prints, metal and acrylic pieces, Canvas and Canvas Clusters, Fine Art prints, and just top notch custom customer service.