Family trip to Disney World with the Fuji x-100s


Since I have had my fuji x-100s, I have had a total love/hate relationship with it. It is compact discreet, and just plain cool looking, but it can be a bit touchy to say the least when it comes to focusing. I took only this little camera with me on a trip to Disney World this weekend, and as a twist shot everything in black and white mode. This only affects the previews on the back of the camera, as I always shoot in RAW, so the color information is there when I get back to my computer. It was actually a very freeing experience to only have that camera with me. It is a fixed focal length (this means that your zoom is your feet) of 23mm f/2 lens which is about the equivalent of a 35mm full frame. The gallery below is 25 of my favorite images from the day (in no particular order) you can click on any image to enlarge to full screen. I am back to absolutely loving this camera!

Dana ClausingComment