Getting back in the groove.

Now that the kids are back to school from the LONG holiday break and their sports schedules are getting back to normal, I am really getting excited about the many new product offerings that I can now bring to my clients. With new lab partners, as well as cool new options from my current ones, (new folio boxes and albums, multiple new print surfaces, personal apps, and so much more), I can’t wait for my samples.

I am still in the ongoing process of web site and gallery updates, as well as transitioning onto a new gallery platform with online booking capability. If there is a specific gallery that you are looking for, please let me know and I can get it activate right away. (As always, your photos are backed up multiple places, and are safe with me.) There are also some really nice firmware updates coming for my cameras that will improve my workflow. So far an exciting start to the year!


 I will be putting much more information on my blog and if there are any topics that you would like to know about, let me know. I will be writing about the offerings of Clausing Photography of course, as well as personal projects, gear information, and some tips and tricks for your own daily photography.  I know that it is already coming into the third week of 2019, but I look forward to what will come of this new year.

Contact me today to discuss any imaging needs you may have. Whether it’s new headshots, lifestyle / personal branding, or a special creative portrait, I look forward to working to create something that is uniquely you.  

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Roaring into August- A busy month ahead for this Sarasota based photographer!

As the page is turned on my calendar this month, I am greeted by a ton of things to finally wrap up and get prepared for a busy fall schedule. SO MUCH GOING ON!!!! 

Among the fun side of the list is kicking off the travel seasons for my kids' sports. Jacob's Peewee hockey season gets rolling and Alyssa will be competing as a level 3 gymnast (both beginning this month). I am looking forward to seeing them each progress in their respective sports. BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! (a.k.a. Quiet, and more productive time in the office and behind the camera. LOL) and my birthday is this month. 

Onto the business side of things:  I am always looking to provide top notch image and product quality. As new technology is released and the photographic world evolves, so must I. With that being said, I am in the process of testing some exciting new gear and have also partnered with two new high end print labs. I am always looking to set up some fun shoots in order to test this new system. If you are interested in being a test subject for some of these shoots, let me know through the link: LETS HAVE SOME FUN. These shoots are based on availability of time and concept/style. I am also working on website updates as well as an entirely new/separate site for events and day to day fun. I will keep you posted as this side project evolves. I will also be implementing new, and much improved ways to preview and order online for both of my sites. 

I am very excited about these new updates and am really looking forward to the progression of Clausing Photography.


Family trip to Disney World with the Fuji x-100s


Since I have had my fuji x-100s, I have had a total love/hate relationship with it. It is compact discreet, and just plain cool looking, but it can be a bit touchy to say the least when it comes to focusing. I took only this little camera with me on a trip to Disney World this weekend, and as a twist shot everything in black and white mode. This only affects the previews on the back of the camera, as I always shoot in RAW, so the color information is there when I get back to my computer. It was actually a very freeing experience to only have that camera with me. It is a fixed focal length (this means that your zoom is your feet) of 23mm f/2 lens which is about the equivalent of a 35mm full frame. The gallery below is 25 of my favorite images from the day (in no particular order) you can click on any image to enlarge to full screen. I am back to absolutely loving this camera!

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Like looking into a mirror...25 years into the past

My son was in need of some headsets to upload to his hockey team roster and as I was going through the results, I was blown away by one image in particular. Now this is not my favorite from the shoot, but there was something there. It was something that as a parent, made me just stop and stare. In the photo below, I could see myself. Now I never played hockey so it wasn't the gear being on him. It was in his eyes. The expression of his face. It was as though I was looking into a mirror 25 years into the past. When there is an image that strikes you that deep emotionally, it is an extraordinary feeling. Before this frame was frozen in time, we must have shot 40 others that to most viewers would be redundant and quite repetitive. Then, when this one came up on screen I was in awe. I strive to get a reaction from clients in my photography and I have had people tell me about having those feelings, but I had never experienced it on this level before. I know that most eyes that fall upon this image will not have any reaction to it, that is what makes any kind of art so personal. Now my favorite from the shoot photographically is the above image, and I am going to have a large metal print made of it. For me personally the image below just evokes an emotional response in myself that I can not describe.

Now that I have a true understanding of why parents, or grandparents, have shed a tear while looking at an image, it feeds the passion that I have to consistently provide my clients with imagery that sparks this feeling. I have been in the process of getting set up with a couple of new labs and will be offering LARGE custom wall art such as BIG mounted ready to hang photo prints, metal and acrylic pieces, Canvas and Canvas Clusters, Fine Art prints, and just top notch custom customer service.

Myakka Morning

Myakka State Park 01/19/2014

All photos Copyright: 2014 Clausing Photography    

I am using my last trip out to Myakka State park as a test for my blog. I am going to try to keep fresh content coming regularly. 

I have been working like crazy to get everything set up on my website, links working, galleries made, etc.   I was in need of some rejuvenation through nature so I headed to the park.

The day started out rather chilly with a thick layer of frost on the ground.

The birds were scratching around in the frost atop the boardwalk.

The buzzards were trying to stay in the sun to soak up the warmth.

The Anhinga's began their morning fishing.

This snowy egret found a nice catfish.

After pondering for a few minutes, he began to swallow his prize.

After getting it down he stood for a while in this position,  I began to think he bit off more than he could chew.

A hawk sits in a tree above the water trying to spot some breakfast.

A lone Rosette Spoonbill made it's way into view.

The wildlife was abundant and was just what i needed to "recharge."  I have many more images to go through and they will eventually make it to my website. Right now my internet usage is limited, part of the fun of living in the country.  I needed to decide between unlimited use at a VERY slow rate, and a limited amount at a fairly quick rate. I went with speed! Now the majority my uploading has to be done off site.

 As this first blog is a test, I hope that the images look as good as they should (I need to get the balance between size and resolution dialed in) and that you enjoy some pretty nature pictures as I get everything in order.  Thank you for taking a look at this as i continue to get everything in order.